If, following a detailed consultation and explanation about the procedure to be carried out, you decide to undergo surgery at the Schön Klinik Düsseldorf (Phone: +49 211 / 5672501, www.schoen-kliniken.de) then we will arrange another consultation for you with individual analysis and explanation on the day before the operation at the ENT Clinic on the first floor of the Schön Klinik Düsseldorf. At the same time, your case history will be examined thoroughly and blood and drug tests carried out.

If you choose to undergo a surgical intervention, then ten days before the procedure you will be told to refrain from taking or switch your consumption of blood-thinning medicines such as aspirin, Thomapyrin, Xarelto or Marcumar in agreement with your GP.

A note with the medical diagnosis, e.g. “distorted septum”, “chronic inflammation of the sinuses” from your GP or ENT doctor must be brought to the clinic when a medical procedure is being performed for the purposes of admission.

Patients must refrain from consuming any food or drink and from smoking for at least 6 hours before the procedure.

Admittance as an in-patient depends on the scope of the operation and will be for a duration of between 2 and 4 days so that you can recover.

Further check-up appointments for follow-up care will be discussed with you on the day you are discharged.