Scarring on the skin is complex and requires individual examination, since it is often the result of accidents or removal of tumours. Scarring on the face is often noticeable and very bothersome, but small surgical interventions can remove scarring.

Frequently, where a nose has been operated on, there is not only scarring from the outer cut on the bridge of the nose, but also frequently severe swelling of the connective tissue at the tip. Since many patients are seeking a second opinion about getting a defined tip to the nose, the findings need to be analysed very precisely. Hence for most patients the skin is already thickened in the area of the tip of the nose even before the first intervention. Since the skin generally cannot be thinned out, the challenge is to weigh up surgical scar removal against a possible local cortisone injection in order to achieve an optimum result.

Scarring around the ears, be it as a result of injury or scarring reactions to piercings in the skin or cartilage, is removed in a surgical procedure. At the same time, depending on individual considerations, scarring can be treated through the production of a silicone clip.