Smooth, even skin gives the face youth and vitality, but this is unfortunately lost with age.

This loss of elasticity and tightness in the skin and the connective tissue can quickly be evened out thanks to modern substance fillers (hyaluronic acid), making skin immediately appear visibly smoother. The hyaluronic acid acts as a “dual-sugar” to consolidate water in the connective tissue so that this effect can last 12-18 months. Hence hyaluronic acid is particularly suited to the removal of nasolabial, laughing or anger lines.

A lack of volume in the cheeks or around the chin can also be compensated for using hyaluronic acid formulas with no surgery required, ensuring a beautiful contour to the face.

Alongside fillers, botox can also be used to minimise wrinkles around the forehead and lids. Botox is a bio-protein that obstructs the transfer of nerve signals to muscle cells and salivary glands. This reduces muscle tone and improves the smoothness of the skin. Botox is used primarily for the treatment of wrinkles on the forehead and anger and laughter lines (crow’s feet at the corners of the eyes).

It is only after precise analysis that differentiated techniques and the corresponding substance can be used to preserve a natural, fresh look.

Duration: 30 minutes
Clinic: out-patient
Anaesthesia: Local anaesthetic cream
Able to socialize: immediately, swelling for 2-3 days