Big eyes create a feeling of expression and joie de vivre. If the eyelids begin to drop, then this can affect your appearance.

The altering process of the skin causes an excessive formation of tissue on the upper and lower lids, which can be removed using fine instruments to reveal a naturally fresh look with no visible stitches afterwards.

These small interventions make it possible to quickly regain a fresh appearance.

At the same time, it may be necessary to perform an endoscopic lift on the eyebrows, since the precise analysis of the lids often reveals that it is the sinking of the eyebrows that results in a tired look in the face.

Duration: 1 hour (for either upper or lower lids)
Clinic: out-patient
Anaesthesia: general/local anaesthetic
Removal of stitches: from the 7th day post-surgery
Able to socialize: after 1-2 weeks