Sticking-out “jug-ears” can undermine children’s confidence even in their early years. Often they are teased by other children, which can result in increased psychological trauma.

Correction of the auricle can take place even before a child starts school, since the auricular cartilage is already fully-formed by this time.

Since there are different types of malformations, variously modified surgical techniques can be used in parallel with the stitch method.

Duration: 1 1/2 hours
Stay at the clinic: out-patient or 1 night as an in-patient
Anaesthesia: general or local anaesthetic
Removal of stitches: wound check on the 2nd day post-surgery, stitch removal on the 8th day post-surgery.
Able to socialize: after 2 weeks

The procedures described above cannot take the place of a personal and detailed patient consultation. To arrange an appointment with Dr Robbers, please email